Coppersmith Digital

Coppersmith Digital was forged in honor of our founder’s great-grandfather Arthur H. Cole. Arthur built the Avon Coppersmith in 1930 in Avon, NY. He ran the business for 40 years, without the need for digital marketing services, before selling the Copper shop. We’d like to think that if the Coppersmith were still around today his great-grandson and Coppersmith Digital would have helped forge the Avon Coppersmiths digital presence.

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Arthur H. Cole starts a small business called The Avon Coppersmith to bring quality copper workmanship to the world and provide for his growing family.

The Avon Coppersmiths success and legacy is passed through generations and handmade pieces from the shop can still be found online.

In honor of his late great-grandfather, George Cole created Coppersmith Digital to support his family and forge a digital presence for other small businesses.